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My name is Scott Exley and I am a Realtor who offers a full range of real estate services for rural and recreational land, along with residential and vacation properties in Shasta County. Because I focus on large recreational and ranch type properties I can offer services and analyze acreage properties in ways that most Realtors cannot. I use state-of-the-art technology, such as the Garmin Montana 610t Global Positioning System (GPS) along with aerial, 3D and topographic mapping software to identify roads, trails, features and property boundaries. My experience with these kinds of properties and proficiency with mapping and software technology enables me to market and show land more effectively for sellers and to buyers.

That said, take a look at my LISTINGS and check out the other on-line resources offered on the website, including my Shasta County Land YouTube channel.  If you don’t see your ideal property here, I would be happy to help you find one that will fit your needs. Whether that is a one-acre lot for you to build your dream home, or a 640-acre section where you can hike, team_exley Logohunt, ride, live, or play, you’ll be well-served if you choose me as your Realtor®.

If land is not what you’re looking for, I would also be happy to help you find a great home in Shasta County. Redding, California is a great place to live with wonderful (and affordable) homes in some great neighborhoods. We have most of the amenities of the “big” cities without the traffic, congestion and high cost. Redding is surrounded by some of the most scenic destinations in the state, including Mt. Shasta, Burney Falls, Lassen National Park, and Whiskeytown National Recreation Area (all within a one-hour drive). Shasta County is also home to some of the best fishing in the entire country with the Upper and Lower Sacramento River (which goes right through Redding), Pit River, McCloud River, Hat Creek, Shasta and Whiskeytown Lakes, and countless lesser known lakes, streams and rivers. A true fisherman’s paradise.

As a Redding resident myself, I am well-versed in the residential market in Redding, as well as in the surrounding towns and communities of Anderson, Bella Vista, Burney, Cottonwood, Lakehead, Manton, Oak Run, Millville, Palo Cedro, Shasta Lake City, Shingletown and Whitmore.

Thank you for visiting ShastaCountyLand.com. If you have any questions or need assistance buying, selling or managing Shasta County real estate, feel free to contact me.